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[08-07 14:28][Fighter]NEWS: Urtren is now level 18.
[08-08 19:36][Fighter]NEWS: Nezluck has joined the fighters.
[08-08 19:36][Fighter]Zanatos: Welcome to Our Guild
[08-08 19:53][Fighter]Zanatos: I wouldn't trust that rat
[08-08 19:54][Fighter]Fannar chuckles.
[08-08 19:56][Fighter]Zanatos: you don't belong in the Fighters guild Your to much of a Rat
[08-08 19:57][Fighter]Fannar snickers.
[08-08 19:57][Fighter]Zanatos: I can have you Relieved of duty :P
[08-08 19:57][Fighter]Fannar: do it then :p
[08-08 19:58][Fighter]Zanatos: ok Come to the arena
[08-08 19:58][Fighter]Zanatos: LOL
[08-08 19:58][Fighter]Fannar runs in place.
[08-08 19:59][Fighter]Fannar: thats not relieving me of duty, thats beating my ass
[08-08 19:59][Fighter]NEWS: Fannar has been relieved of duty.
[08-08 19:59][Fighter]Zanatos: hahahah yeah it is :P
[08-08 19:59][Fighter]Zanatos: didn't say you were gonna like it
[08-08 19:59][Fighter]NEWS: Fannar has been beaten by a random somebody!
[08-08 19:59][Fighter]Fannar: accurate
[08-08 20:00][Fighter]NEWS: Fannar is now level 1.
[08-08 20:00][Fighter]Zanatos: what I wanna do is Play Arena Ball
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14:26, Darkday, Kortki 4, 183 AD.

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