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[12-19 12:08][Mage]Wizzard: lol just did a few million xp at a 13M/hr rate.
[12-19 12:08][Mage]Driznit: yikes lol
[12-19 12:08][Mage]Wizzard: but my repetitive stress is flaring up so I am going to take off an hour or so.
[12-19 12:09][Mage]Driznit: haha kk catch ya later :)
[12-19 12:09][Mage]Wizzard: you countxp 0 then race, then use xp to check
[12-19 12:09][Mage]Wizzard: that's using conflagration and no lasso
[12-19 12:10][Mage]Wizzard: with my auto headlock on whichever monsters are left trigger.
[12-19 12:10][Mage]Driznit: nice
[12-19 20:39][Mage]NEWS: Wizzard is now level 90.
[12-19 20:39][Mage]NEWS: Wizzard is now level 91.
[12-19 20:41][Mage]Wizzard: who more levels. was a good day.
[12-19 20:41][Mage]Wizzard: err two more levels
[12-19 20:42][Mage]NEWS: Wizzrd is now level 9.5²
[12-19 20:44][Mage]NEWS: Wizzrd is now level √(8281)
[12-19 20:44][Mage]NEWS: Wizzrd is now level √8281
[12-22 20:00][Mage]NEWS: Wizzard is now level 92.
[12-23 16:06][Mage]NEWS: Myn has joined the mages.
[12-23 18:04][Mage]NEWS: Myn is now level 2.
[12-23 18:10][Mage]NEWS: Myn is now level 3.
[12-23 19:37][Mage]NEWS: Myn is now level 4.
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09:15, Lockday, Aenterki 12, 186 AD.

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