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[12-19 11:45][Mage]Driznit: then go into a few forcechains
[12-19 11:46][Mage]Wizzard: so is kill all monster :)
[12-19 11:46][Mage]Driznit: yup lol
[12-19 11:47][Mage]Driznit: course it has the possibility of poisoning yourself which isnt super
[12-19 11:47][Mage]Wizzard: I guess it happens.
[12-19 11:49][Mage]Wizzard: eventually you get forcewave , combined with feed and convert, wreaks havoc in tundra and red plains
[12-19 11:50][Mage]Driznit: i need to try red plains again lol
[12-19 11:50][Mage]Wizzard: its a 500 mp cost rank L monster. can obliterate entire rooms of blade and beastmasters before they can hit you.
[12-19 11:50][Mage]Wizzard: even I don't do it because I can't drop them in one command yet.
[12-19 11:51][Mage]Wizzard: the penalty of death is finding a corpse in 5000 rooms.
[12-19 11:51][Mage]Driznit: haha good point
[12-19 11:51][Mage]Wizzard: tundra being like 1800 is bad enough
[12-19 12:08][Mage]Wizzard: lol just did a few million xp at a 13M/hr rate.
[12-19 12:08][Mage]Driznit: yikes lol
[12-19 12:08][Mage]Wizzard: but my repetitive stress is flaring up so I am going to take off an hour or so.
[12-19 12:09][Mage]Driznit: haha kk catch ya later :)
[12-19 12:09][Mage]Wizzard: you countxp 0 then race, then use xp to check
[12-19 12:09][Mage]Wizzard: that's using conflagration and no lasso
[12-19 12:10][Mage]Wizzard: with my auto headlock on whichever monsters are left trigger.
[12-19 12:10][Mage]Driznit: nice
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00:30, Lockday, Kortki 2, 186 AD.

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