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[12-29 02:01][Rogue]NEWS: Rtmethacton is now level 21.
[12-31 02:52][Rogue]NEWS: Morgan is now level 46.
[12-31 06:19][Rogue]NEWS: Morgan is now level 47.
[01-02 13:45][Rogue]NEWS: Myrk is now level 90.
[01-22 21:58][Rogue]Tebryn: rOGre
[01-22 21:59][Rogue]Rogre rogres around.
[01-22 21:59][Rogue]Rogre: I mean, Tebby!
[01-22 21:59][Rogue]Tebryn: cause you're the original gangsta
[01-22 21:59][Rogue]Rogre: don dada!
[01-22 21:59][Rogue]Rogre gwerts Jamaican style.
[01-22 22:00][Rogue]Rogre: what's going on?
[01-22 22:00][Rogue]Tebryn: i'm uh, trying to figure out a mini kinda :/ so exploring
[01-22 22:00][Rogue]Rogre: have fun!!!
[01-22 22:00][Rogue]Tebryn: damn npcs are so vague >_>
[01-22 22:00][Rogue]Rogre: they can be :D
[01-22 22:01][Rogue]Rogre: Jumanji was really funny :)
[01-22 22:01][Rogue]Rogre: they had people in there acting like npc's
[01-22 22:01][Rogue]Tebryn: lol that sounds kinda funny. viva to left arm dirt league on facebook does some funny npc and pubg logic vids
[01-22 22:02][Rogue]Tebryn: lol VivaLaDirtLeague
[01-22 22:02][Rogue]Rogre: ahhh
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19:00, Flameday, Aenterki 3, 167 AD.

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