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[01-22 22:02][Rogue]Tebryn: stupid nicks to speed up salving
[01-22 22:02][Rogue]Rogre: gotcha
[01-22 22:02][Rogue]Rogre: need to up yer armor game, use less salve :D
[01-22 22:02][Rogue]Tebryn: oh it's leftover from 60 levels ago or w/e lol
[01-22 22:03][Rogue]Tebryn: my armors just fine!
[01-22 22:03][Rogue]Rogre: makes sense :D
[01-22 22:03][Rogue]Brutus: I haven't used salve since 2016.
[01-22 22:03][Rogue]Rogre: oooo
[01-22 22:03][Rogue]Brutus: of course, I didn't spend time building a fresh alt either :)
[01-22 22:04][Rogue]Tebryn: woot, figured it out!
[01-22 22:04][Rogue]Tebryn: take that mini!
[01-22 22:04][Rogue]Rogre: pimp status: CONFIRMED.
[01-22 22:05][Rogue]Brutus: I always thought giving rum to the pirates should be a mini. Sadly, its not so.
[01-22 22:07][Rogue]Tebryn: woohoo, moving on up the list XD
[01-22 22:07][Rogue]Brutus: Anyway, congrats. I see you've done more than all my chars combined. :/ Then again, I'd top who -Slazy : )
[01-22 22:07][Rogue]Tebryn: my next mission is uh... well finishing the lizard wizard
[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Rogre: Tebryn's a questmonger!
[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Tebryn: but also to finish all my skills to max. like all of em.
[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Tebryn: even the worthless ones i'll never use XD but mainly the lizard wizard.
[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Tebryn: gotta get some portals to play with
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18:42, Flameday, Aenterki 3, 167 AD.

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