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[11-30 13:46][Rogue]Aspburn dances like the Emo Peter Parker.
[11-30 13:46][Rogue]Absinthe is the undexiest mofo in the land!
[11-30 13:46][Rogue]Aspburn just finding mah groove
[11-30 13:46][Rogue]Aspburn Holy Mother of molasses!!
[11-30 13:47][Rogue]Absinthe: natural 6 in the building!
[11-30 13:48][Rogue]Aspburn i bumped mine to 13. the since I leveled up dec. and only dex
[11-30 13:49][Rogue]Aspburn you just operate in a different phase.. you must do like a ton of pre-preplaning
[11-30 13:50][Rogue]Aspburn and '+*S k i l l e D+*'
[11-30 13:50][Rogue]Absinthe: oooo
[11-30 13:52][Rogue]Aspburn ^%GREEN^%Stealths
[11-30 13:52][Rogue]Absinthe facepalms.
[11-30 13:52][Rogue]Aspburn again!!
[11-30 13:52][Rogue]Absinthe: lol
[11-30 13:53][Rogue]Absinthe: it happens
[11-30 13:53][Rogue]Aspburn wtf Over??
[11-30 13:53][Rogue]Absinthe: that reminds me of Overkill :)
[11-30 13:53][Rogue]Aspburn M U R D E R S
[11-30 13:54][Rogue]Absinthe shudders!
[11-30 13:55][Rogue]Aspburn wow
[11-30 13:55][Rogue]Aspburn Rogre never Feared!!
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03:19, Lockday, Sartki 2, 199 AD.

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