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[11-29 12:55][Rogue]Stone: How goes it everyone?
[11-29 12:56][Rogue]Intoll: Good, you?
[11-29 12:56][Rogue]Stone: better since i took the afternoon off
[11-29 12:59][Rogue]Stone: I was hoping feedback would be a bit better than it is
[11-29 12:59][Rogue]Intoll: It's good for bards.
[11-29 12:59][Rogue]Intoll: It used to be .. uh, a joke.
[11-29 13:00][Rogue]Stone: I see. I've tried a lute and flute with it
[11-29 13:00][Rogue]Intoll: It's great now though
[11-29 13:00][Rogue]Intoll: Neh, black fire.
[11-29 13:00][Rogue]Stone: what am I doing wrong? I did dump some considerable xp into it to see if it was doable
[11-29 13:01][Rogue]Intoll: Bard mains get a considerable bonus to all bard abilities.
[11-29 13:01][Rogue]Intoll: PLus their skill caps are higher
[11-29 13:01][Rogue]Intoll: I wouldn't use instruments, they arent really that useful yet
[11-29 13:01][Rogue]Intoll: Use black fire.
[11-29 13:01][Rogue]Stone: I see what you mean with black fire
[11-29 13:05][Rogue]Intoll: Don't forget to use Tune
[11-29 13:06][Rogue]Intoll: I go with tune and battlehymn and get a faeriespeed. I can still just xp without faerie once it drops just fine.
[11-29 13:06][Rogue]Intoll: Then again I have 76 dex right now
[11-29 13:07][Rogue]Intoll: FS puts it over 100
[11-29 13:07][Rogue]Stone: 53 natural, 72 with fs
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12:45, Vaigday, Kortki 10, 172 AD.

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