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[04-09 15:10][Rogue]Shandia: I like the way you think
[04-09 15:10][Rogue]Leon: Not sure if I want to me mediocre with a lot of stats, or invest in those 3.
[04-09 15:10][Rogue]Shandia: invest, u got nothing but time
[04-09 15:11][Rogue]Leon: Yeah I'm going to even them out at first...then divulge in those 3 later.
[04-09 15:11][Rogue]Leon: Get each to about 30
[04-09 15:11][Rogue]Shandia: no worries bro
[04-09 15:11][Rogue]Leon: Depending on the numbers...if I want to cap Dex, Int, Char by legend, it may vary.
[04-09 15:12][Rogue]Leon: I usually know what stats I'll have capped at legend by yes time is on my side.
[04-09 16:27][Rogue]Shandia: what can I wear as good as bandedmail suit thats too heavy
[04-09 17:30][Rogue]Shandia: this is boring again
[04-10 16:05][Rogue]NEWS: Shandia is now level 22.
[04-10 16:43][Rogue]Stryder: Assassin is good. There are abilities all the way out. Most other subs do not have high level abilities.
[04-10 16:44][Rogue]Stryder: If you really want a good rogue weapon... they need to make baselards.
[04-11 20:33][Rogue]NEWS: Kalhan is now level 14.
[04-11 20:34][Rogue]Stone: congrats!
[04-11 20:34][Rogue]Kalhan: thank you!
[04-11 20:34][Rogue]Leon: Grats
[04-13 19:54][Rogue]NEWS: Leon is now level 2.
[04-13 19:54][Rogue]NEWS: Leon is now level 3.
[04-13 19:54][Rogue]NEWS: Leon is now level 4.
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19:43, Lockday, Roki 7, 175 AD.

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