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[01-22 22:10][Rogue]Rogre drags little kids.
[01-22 22:10][Rogue]Rogre: Youth in Asia.
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Tebryn: lol
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Brutus: let me tell you, you will waste a lot of time getting the 2 worst skills, whatever they are. :)
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Brutus: Am maxxed large sword and polearm, at 50. :)
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Tebryn: lol nice
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Rogre: dang :)
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Brutus: probably dumbest thing :)
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Tebryn: i've got basically nothing else to spend xp on... already fluent in everything.
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Rogre: sounds thorough :D
[01-22 22:11][Rogue]Brutus: took days and 10s of millions of xp.
[01-22 22:12][Rogue]Brutus: crafting
[01-22 22:12][Rogue]Brutus: that's at least usefull if you haven't maxxed it.
[01-22 22:13][Rogue]Tebryn: parts of it are... like buh blacksmithing and crafting both 300
[01-22 22:14][Rogue]Tebryn: btw rogre, you can discord on your phone, there's an app :o
[01-22 22:14][Rogue]Brutus: yeah, I agree, harsh to get there until you start making stuff for everyone else all the time.
[01-22 22:14][Rogue]Rogre: oooo
[01-22 22:14][Rogue]Tebryn: back in a few gotta get a new vape cart. quitting smoking reg cigs >_>
[01-22 22:14][Rogue]Rogre never considered the phooone.
[01-22 22:15][Rogue]Rogre: congrats kinda!
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18:55, Flameday, Aenterki 3, 167 AD.

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