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[11-30 13:56][Rogue]Absinthe is just a small drink of water.
[11-30 13:56][Rogue]Aspburn hey where you on when Ku went and got himself Disted?
[11-30 13:56][Rogue]Absinthe: Ku?
[11-30 13:57][Rogue]Aspburn hemy's rogue
[11-30 13:57][Rogue]Absinthe: I don't recall that. Desting takes a LOT around here
[11-30 13:57][Rogue]Aspburn hemjolds
[11-30 13:57][Rogue]Aspburn precrash
[11-30 13:58][Rogue]Absinthe saw lots of arrests back when Athos was putting it down but no dests that he knew of
[11-30 14:00][Rogue]Aspburn Grins at the mentioned Athos.. what a Yaksman.. stinking & grew his leg hair faster than a hairy dworf.. justike me mum
[11-30 14:00][Rogue]Absinthe awws.
[11-30 14:01][Rogue]Aspburn the pawn shop is off my list for 48 hrs . F it
[11-30 14:01][Rogue]Aspburn tried to sell me life insurance?
[11-30 14:02][Rogue]Absinthe: why are all the best commercials now insurance and drug commercials?
[11-30 14:02][Rogue]Aspburn shrugs
[11-30 14:10][Rogue]Aspburn the eog dirk & dagger should be doable for me right,?
[11-30 14:10][Rogue]Absinthe: I think so
[11-30 14:10][Rogue]Absinthe: one of my early faves is black demon dagger
[11-30 14:10][Rogue]Aspburn I like the color.. wish we had the red dagger
[11-30 14:11][Rogue]Absinthe: it's still around, just not OP
[11-30 14:11][Rogue]Aspburn what was wrong with the wire frame glasses,?
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02:50, Lockday, Sartki 2, 199 AD.

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