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[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Brutus: Rec and Am have done that, and all stats too.
[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Rogre: Darn, I forgot all about Geico.
[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Tebryn: oh yeah!
[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Brutus: lol.
[01-22 22:08][Rogue]Tebryn: played DP lately? lol
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Brutus: kragg has tail covers for him.
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Tebryn: i should work on archer a bit too lol
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Rogre is the man of forgotten alts.
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Tebryn: i mean sterling!
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Rogre: hehe
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Rogre: and Buster...
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Brutus: lol.
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Rogre: and Boco
[01-22 22:09][Rogue]Tebryn: ooo izz is getting close :o
[01-22 22:10][Rogue]Tebryn: Boco Haram the friggin terrorist throatpuncher
[01-22 22:10][Rogue]Rogre: LOL!
[01-22 22:10][Rogue]Brutus: lol.
[01-22 22:10][Rogue]Rogre: Boco Harambe!
[01-22 22:10][Rogue]Tebryn: oh hells yes
[01-22 22:10][Rogue]Brutus: that's piss your pants funny.
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18:34, Flameday, Aenterki 3, 167 AD.

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