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[01-14 10:18][Rogue]Ahn: Grats!
[01-14 10:18][Rogue]Stitch: Thanks
[01-14 10:49][Rogue]NEWS: Ahn is now level 44.
[01-14 10:50][Rogue]Stitch: Woot
[01-14 10:57][Rogue]NEWS: Stitch is now level 22.
[01-14 10:58][Rogue]Ahn: Grats!
[01-14 10:58][Rogue]Ahn: gettin busy r u?
[01-14 10:58][Rogue]Stitch: Naw, most of that came from Arbach
[01-14 10:59][Rogue]Ahn: ahh...still...
[01-14 10:59][Rogue]Stitch: Getting familier with playing a rogue again. Been playing my monk for the last couple weeks
[01-14 11:00][Rogue]Stitch: When this character can comfortably fight in the tundra then I will move to my cleric and level her up.
[01-14 11:01][Rogue]Ahn: plans within plans
[01-14 11:01][Rogue]Stitch acts all rogue like and fails miserably.
[01-14 11:01][Rogue]Ahn: hehe
[01-14 11:31][Rogue]NEWS: Ahn is now level 45.
[01-14 11:32][Rogue]Stitch: Someone explain to me how I can severe a monsters right leg, then sever they're right foot? SHouldnt that be the other way round?
[01-14 11:32][Rogue]Stitch laughs maniacally
[01-14 11:33][Rogue]Ahn: oh contrare...u r a rogue ... all is possible for u
[01-14 11:34][Rogue]Stitch: That's right, Stitch, it messes with your mind and demoralizes it's enemies when they are down.
[01-14 11:34][Rogue]Ahn: hehehe
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10:07, Shadowday, Praxi 1, 193 AD.

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