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[11-29 13:07][Rogue]Intoll: My char is 60 as well
[11-29 13:07][Rogue]Intoll: Which is the bard secondary stat.
[11-29 13:07][Rogue]Stone: but I've also gotten str to 51
[11-29 13:07][Rogue]Intoll: Str really doesn't do anything for bards
[11-29 13:08][Rogue]Intoll: That I would guess... it's Dex - Char - Int
[11-29 13:08][Rogue]Stone: hp, lowers enc
[11-29 13:08][Rogue]Intoll: Well besides that.
[11-29 13:08][Rogue]Intoll: Effectiveness of songs I mean
[11-29 13:08][Rogue]Stone: oh yeah, I was just thinking like Recluse is phaedrus but does use some weak side abilities of other subs of clerics, like firerain
[11-29 13:09][Rogue]Stone: i have no intention of doing bard full time.
[11-29 13:09][Rogue]Intoll: Its a work in progress, trust me.
[11-29 13:09][Rogue]Stone: I have every intention of getting bladedash and shadowflicker
[11-29 13:09][Rogue]Intoll: Bards are not finished with yet.
[11-29 13:11][Rogue]NEWS: Stone is now level 65.
[11-29 13:11][Rogue]Stone: btw is it elude and battlehymn that you can't do together ?
[11-29 13:11][Rogue]Intoll: You can do both.
[11-29 13:11][Rogue]Intoll: Quicken
[11-29 13:12][Rogue]Intoll: Quicken is useless to me, I don't idle.
[11-29 13:12][Rogue]Stone: oh....gotcha
[11-29 13:12][Rogue]Stone: I do a lot.
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12:44, Vaigday, Kortki 10, 172 AD.

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