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[04-24 00:18][Chat]Nova: hard to kill someone while driving drunk when you're snowed into your hunting camp
[04-24 00:18][Chat]Aim: Utah is the only state in the bottom 10 with life expectancy above average.
[04-24 00:19][Chat]Aim: really sorta wierd.
[04-24 00:19][Chat]Zanatos: I aint moving out to Utaw
[04-24 00:19][Chat]Icewolfz: morman state with multiple marriges
[04-24 00:19][Chat]Aim: Alambana, Mississippi lowest drinking, lowest life.
[04-24 00:19][Chat]Icewolfz: booze can be good for you as logn as yu dont get to much
[04-24 00:20][Chat]Aim: as long as you don't get behind the wheel
[04-24 00:20][Chat]Nova: multiple marriges? why would you do that to yourself? I have enough trouble with one girlfriend
[04-24 00:20][Chat]Aim: and oddly enough, have metals in the water.
[04-24 00:20][Chat]Zanatos: well when Isaw my Friend throw his Life away by Boozin and Drivin I chose that very moment to not be a statistic
[04-24 00:20][Chat]Icewolfz: well most them get maried to 16 yrs if you bleave all the hype
[04-24 00:20][Chat]Aim: I agree nova.
[04-24 00:20][Chat]Aim: I can
[04-24 00:21][Chat]Aim: not handle one spouse. let alone multiple.
[04-24 00:21][Chat]Icewolfz: rganted no worse the nthe couple that kept all thier kids locked up in aroom
[04-24 00:21][Chat]Nova: having met kids, i can understand that
[04-24 00:21][Chat]Aim: utah should just allow it and allow each new wife/spouse to take half your shit at marriage.
[04-24 00:22][Chat]Zanatos: Glad I aint Married
[04-24 00:22][Chat]Zanatos: Taking Care of Zan is a Lifelong Process :P
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06:51, Vaigday, Kepki 5, 168 AD.

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