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[02-15 22:45][Chat]Icewolfz: pretty much the start of the war
[02-15 22:46][Chat]Brainy: So Optimus was Orion pax the same way radimus prime wasw Hot Rod?
[02-15 22:46][Chat]Icewolfz: nope
[02-15 22:46][Chat]Icewolfz: hot rod was transformed by the matrix
[02-15 22:46][Chat]Icewolfz: orion was rebuilt byantoher transformer
[02-15 22:47][Chat]Icewolfz: if irmember right hot rod took in the matrix and it chnged him into radimus
[02-15 22:47][Chat]Icewolfz: granted i could be wrong
[02-15 22:47][Chat]Brainy: did Orion Pax have the Matrix of Leadership before becoming optimus prime?
[02-15 22:47][Chat]Icewolfz: i beleave he was rebuilt then given the matrix
[02-15 22:47][Chat]Brainy: ahhh ok
[02-15 22:48][Chat]Icewolfz: so i dont think radimus was rebuilt
[02-15 22:48][Chat]Icewolfz: while prime was shot by megatron then rebuilt
[02-15 22:48][Chat]Brainy: Matrix changed him, yer right
[02-15 22:48][Chat]Icewolfz: the matrix has been a lot of the change holder rules
[02-15 22:48][Chat]Icewolfz: i think only optimus prime has not been directly changed
[02-15 22:49][Chat]Icewolfz: as thats pretty much te oringal animated omvie line
[02-15 22:50][Chat]Icewolfz: is hot rod being canged into the new leader
[02-15 22:50][Chat]Icewolfz: after optmis was killed
[02-15 22:50][Chat]Brainy: I'd love if Rumble got the Matrix of Leadership and it turned him into an Autobot :)
[02-15 22:50][Chat]Brainy: but let him stay small :D
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04:38, Lockday, Sartki 17, 173 AD.

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