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[12-10 19:30][Chat]Hook: Do you wanna build a ho, man?
[12-10 19:30][Chat]Hook: ok, bye.
[12-10 19:31][Chat]Hook was wqatching Frozen.
[12-10 19:40][Chat]Elsa freezes Hook!
[12-10 19:42][Chat]Hook dies (nice one!).
[12-10 19:42][Chat]The rock trolls each the corpse.
[12-10 19:42][Chat]The rock trolls: recycling is best!
[12-10 19:43][Chat]The rock trolls: never waste good meat!
[12-10 19:43][Chat]Hook cannot be eachen!
[12-10 19:43][Chat]Hiryuu: whats wrong nova
[12-10 19:43][Chat]Hiryuu: sorry i was counting ammo, taking longer then expected
[12-10 19:44][Chat]Hiryuu: still not done
[12-10 19:44][Chat]Hiryuu: and i gotta cook
[12-10 19:44][Chat]Hook: Let it fry!
[12-10 19:44][Chat]Hook: Let it fry!
[12-10 19:44][Chat]Hook: put that crap in a frying paaaaan!
[12-10 19:45][Chat]Hiryuu: skillet, making phillys
[12-10 19:45][Chat]Hook: Philly cheesesteaks?
[12-10 19:45][Chat]Hiryuu: yeah
[12-10 19:45][Chat]Hook: nice :D
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12:40, Vaigday, Roki 20, 166 AD.

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