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[01-19 23:45][Chat]Icewolfz: sure your not thinking of a differnt one
[01-19 23:45][Chat]Am: possibly got it wrong. could have sworn.
[01-19 23:45][Chat]Zanatos: it wasn't mst it was a reg b Movie
[01-19 23:45][Chat]Icewolfz: ther eis a teenagers from otuerspace
[01-19 23:45][Chat]Icewolfz: and astro zombies
[01-19 23:45][Chat]Icewolfz: group of young aliens land on Earth and decide to use the planet as a farm for their livestock. One of the aliens rebels and flees to a small town, where he is pursued by another alien who kills anyone in his path.
[01-19 23:46][Chat]Icewolfz: teengers from space
[01-19 23:46][Chat]Zanatos: Killer Clowns from Outer Space was a horrible you gotta be shitti me movies
[01-19 23:46][Chat]Icewolfz: sounds similar to killer klowns
[01-19 23:46][Chat]Icewolfz: well killer clowns was mad eot be bad i think
[01-19 23:46][Chat]Am: night.
[01-19 23:46][Chat]Icewolfz: mst3k tend sot look for ones that where tyring ot be good but failed
[01-19 23:46][Chat]Icewolfz: i atink it is the teenagers from otuer space he was talking about
[01-19 23:46][Chat]Zanatos: Night :)
[01-19 23:47][Chat]Zanatos: how about Space Pirates?
[01-19 23:47][Chat]Icewolfz: no clue
[01-19 23:47][Chat]Icewolfz: i dint watch much of mst3k
[01-19 23:47][Chat]Icewolfz: didnt relaly get int oit myself
[01-19 23:47][Chat]Zanatos: that is another Stupid Movie
[01-19 23:47][Chat]Icewolfz: there have been a lot of stupid movies
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00:00, Lockday, Kortki 2, 186 AD.

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