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[01-09 23:27][Cleric]False: my summoned guardian auto attacked me lol
[01-09 23:28][Cleric]False: must be since it is good?
[01-09 23:37][Cleric]False: out of partycon triage to gadge who in the room needs treatment
[01-11 12:24][Cleric]False test
[01-11 19:46][Cleric]NEWS: False is now level 31.
[01-11 20:55][Cleric]False its not 3.5 it's only 3
[01-11 20:57][Cleric]False unsub is 3.5 ooooo's
[01-11 20:58][Cleric]False 31st lev is 108.5
[01-11 20:58][Cleric]Left: right
[01-11 20:58][Cleric]Left: Clerics can have 3 levels of subs
[01-11 20:59][Cleric]Left: that way you can potentially use commands that you've lost to subbing via items that bonus those skills
[01-11 21:00][Cleric]False f me sideeays (its not worth subbing unless I get zaals blood
[01-11 21:00][Cleric]Left: lol
[01-11 21:00][Cleric]Left: Zaalblood is only rank G
[01-11 21:01][Cleric]Left: 250
[01-11 21:02][Cleric]False grumbles will try for level 38 then remort to 1st
[01-12 12:17][Cleric]False i can only fight 1 vs 1 battles how long does that last?
[01-12 12:28][Cleric]False I had to spread out Roc's to fight them cause their hits are too munch 2 or more against me.
[01-12 12:37][Cleric]NEWS: False is now level 32.
[01-12 13:20][Cleric]NEWS: False is now level 33.
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09:27, Shadowday, Praxi 1, 193 AD.

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