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[07-27 21:19][Fighter]Icewolfz: so i have a global funtio nnd jus tdo command_d->query_mass_adjustment(skill, stat)
[07-27 21:21][Fighter]Icewolfz: or query_weapon_mass_adjustment(weapon, player)
[07-27 21:27][Fighter]Aim: that would be easier
[07-28 03:53][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 96.
[07-29 07:56][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 97.
[07-29 09:33][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 98.
[07-29 10:17][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 99.
[07-29 21:10][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 100.
[07-29 21:10][Fighter]Rafferty: congrats!
[07-29 21:10][Fighter]Aim: thanks!
[07-29 21:11][Fighter]Thor: He's a friend from work!!!
[07-29 21:11][Fighter]Aim: last fighter once. :)
[08-01 22:24][Fighter]Zanatos: ahem I said yo!
[08-04 00:48][Fighter]NEWS: Covfefe has joined the fighters.
[08-04 00:48][Fighter]Aim: Cheer!
[08-04 00:49][Fighter]Covfefe (Cheetos) my fellow fighters....thank you for the vote...of confidence
[08-04 03:15][Fighter]NEWS: Deadpool is now level 51.
[08-04 10:55][Fighter]NEWS: Mueller has joined the fighters.
[08-08 05:00][Fighter]NEWS: Bone has joined the fighters.
[08-08 06:04][Fighter]NEWS: Bone is now level 2.
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13:10, Vaigday, Kepki 15, 170 AD.

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