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[06-28 13:43][Fighter]Neiros: thanks!
[06-28 13:44][Fighter]NEWS: Neiros is now level 2.
[06-28 14:24][Fighter]NEWS: Neiros is now level 3.
[06-28 14:39][Fighter]NEWS: Neiros is now level 4.
[06-28 14:58][Fighter]NEWS: Neiros is now level 5.
[06-28 14:58][Fighter]NEWS: Neiros is now level 6.
[06-28 15:00][Fighter]Neiros: is there a help file that gives an overview of the different subclasses?
[06-28 15:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: help fighter combat
[06-28 15:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: gives basic info on each skill
[06-28 15:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: each subclass is centered around core skill + subskill
[06-28 15:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: help *fighter abilities
[06-28 15:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: list all abilities
[06-28 15:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: sorry help *combat abilities
[06-28 15:06][Fighter]Icewolfz: subclassing is optional as well
[06-28 15:06][Fighter]Icewolfz: there are some pros and cons
[06-28 15:06][Fighter]Icewolfz: by selecting a subclass your skills raise faster in that sub
[06-28 15:06][Fighter]Icewolfz: con is other skills are lowered
[06-28 15:07][Fighter]Icewolfz: and depending on the ability there are bonuses/perks when subbed
[06-28 15:09][Fighter]Icewolfz: you haveto level 10 to subclass as well
[07-11 02:26][Fighter]NEWS: Keogh has joined the fighters.
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10:09, Darkday, Praxi 4, 183 AD.

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