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[10-13 13:26][Rogue]Stryder: dex, cha, and int
[10-13 13:27][Rogue]Pip: Once it gets some more abilities (you should think of some) Then I'll work on my bard.
[10-13 13:27][Rogue]Pip: I have an elf bard.
[10-13 13:27][Rogue]Pip: Level 11 hehe
[10-13 13:27][Rogue]Stryder: I posted a bunch... we will see.
[10-13 13:28][Rogue]Pip: I'm thinking of mental damage (magic sorta) for songs...
[10-13 13:28][Rogue]Pip: Since music can change mentality
[10-13 13:28][Rogue]Stryder: Post it...
[10-13 13:28][Rogue]Pip: And affect entirely everything listening
[10-13 13:28][Rogue]Stryder: I thought about having the top one be EARTH WIND AND FIRE... for the band...
[10-13 13:32][Rogue]Boco loves that group.
[10-13 13:32][Rogue]Boco sings September and watches dragons cry.
[10-13 13:33][Rogue]Boco: WA WA WA...WAAAARRRRAAARRRK!
[10-13 13:33][Rogue]Stryder: it would cause an earthquake, a windstorm, and then a fireball...
[10-13 13:33][Rogue]Stryder: Probably too slow to be really useful, but... cool
[10-13 13:33][Rogue]Boco thinks style counts.
[10-13 13:34][Rogue]Stryder: Or... bringdownthehouse... where you cause HUGE earthquakes.
[10-13 13:50][Rogue]NEWS: Boco is now level 48.
[10-13 13:50][Rogue]Stryder: WOO HOO!!
[10-13 13:50][Rogue]Boco plays a guitar riff!
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16:41, Vaigday, Kortki 10, 171 AD.

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