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[12-14 19:44][Rogue]Stabzit: i've been pretty careful bout keeping each on their own haha
[12-14 19:51][Rogue]Brutus: I know, like the old school
[12-14 19:51][Rogue]Brutus: just wanted you to know you do not have to, just can't help your other char - with one exception
[12-14 19:52][Rogue]Brutus: the arbach quest requires a lot of classes at once to complete in a party. TT Icey and he's good with you using a couple of chars to complete it. and that is the only QI I will ever hand out like that.
[12-14 19:53][Rogue]Stabzit: haha ok lol thanks, I need to start messing with the other quests out there one of these days lol
[12-14 19:53][Rogue]Brutus: I've done it a lot of times, so if you ask me to fill in the mage or cleric or monk or whatever role, you'll have to tell me what to do, else not fair
[12-14 19:54][Rogue]Stabzit nods
[12-14 19:54][Rogue]Brutus: I killed arbach with no other classes a couple of times until a fix was put in place :)
[12-14 19:54][Rogue]Brutus: don't get quest credit for that tho.
[12-14 19:54][Rogue]Stabzit: hahaha
[12-14 19:56][Rogue]Stabzit: i know i've wandered into a couple of them by accident before lol just never figured out how to finish them lol
[12-14 19:56][Rogue]Brutus: well i will give this hint. none are nearly as hard as legacy (hm) quest.
[12-14 19:56][Rogue]Brutus: getting to Noc the dragon IS as hard or harder, but its not QI.
[12-14 19:57][Rogue]Brutus: get to a reasonable size and I'll show you sometime.
[12-14 19:57][Rogue]Stabzit: i really liked legacy thought it was cool
[12-20 05:25][Rogue]NEWS: Stabzit is now an Assassin!
[12-20 06:57][Rogue]NEWS: Stabzit is now level 22.
[12-20 06:57][Rogue]NEWS: Stabzit is now level 23.
[12-20 07:16][Rogue]Stabzit: probably need to find a stamina stealer and manastealer on this guy :)
[12-20 07:17][Rogue]NEWS: Stabzit is now level 24.
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05:34, Lockday, Aenterki 12, 186 AD.

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