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[10-16 00:19][Chat]Icewolfz: and you active players can talk and deal wiht each other if you all want hte map then
[10-16 00:43][Chat]Icewolfz: hmm someone sould amke a nair
[10-16 00:43][Chat]Icewolfz: as bald dwarf
[10-16 00:43][Chat]Icewolfz: just to have the irony of it
[10-16 00:48][Chat]Icewolfz: just remember if they eat you no on will hear the screams as you go donw
[10-16 00:49][Chat]Icewolfz: granted if they are dead ther are always the other dragons
[10-16 00:49][Chat]Icewolfz: you gotta killem all to be a dragon slayer
[10-16 00:49][Chat]Icewolfz: kragg is the easiest of the dragons
[10-16 00:49][Chat]Icewolfz: if you cna kill kragg you can probably take the others maybe
[10-16 00:52][Chat]Zair: they are dead
[10-16 00:52][Chat]Icewolfz: someone probably got them
[10-16 00:52][Chat]Icewolfz: youd haveto ask kill he tend sto know
[10-16 00:52][Chat]Boco points at Recluse.
[10-16 00:52][Chat]Icewolfz: you can always try one of the other 3 dragonds
[10-16 00:52][Chat]Icewolfz: kragg, bala, or noc
[10-16 00:52][Chat]Boco killed Balavoar a cpl hours ago.
[10-16 00:53][Chat]Icewolfz: he has a sorter repop i think
[10-16 00:53][Chat]Icewolfz: cant remember off hand how long his is
[10-16 00:53][Chat]Boco warks 6 hours
[10-16 00:53][Chat]Icewolfz: krag i think is 4 hrs
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17:28, Vaigday, Kortki 10, 171 AD.

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