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[04-24 00:24][Chat]Zanatos: Granted I have Someone in my life who I have a Strong Relationship withbut I have Trouble seeing myself in that kinda Roll
[04-24 00:24][Chat]Nova: well guys, i have to be up at the crack of noon to play Battletech
[04-24 00:24][Chat]Nova: you all stay safe and have fun
[04-24 00:24][Chat]Aim: every other contract has to be renewed.
[04-24 00:25][Chat]Aim: marriage should be a walk away split 50/50 every 10 years.
[04-24 00:25][Chat]Aim: night nova
[04-24 00:25][Chat]Zanatos: Goodnight lady Nova!
[04-24 00:25][Chat]Aim: and Messr. Nova alt
[04-24 00:26][Chat]Nova: there is no nova alt on right now
[04-24 00:26][Chat]Korg: we all of the kill!
[04-24 00:26][Chat]Aim: like I looked at 1:30 am central :)
[04-24 00:26][Chat]Zanatos: thats what time it is
[04-24 00:26][Chat]Zanatos: I live in AR
[04-24 00:26][Chat]Nova: 230 eastern
[04-24 00:26][Chat]Aim: exactly.
[04-24 00:27][Chat]Zanatos: I will always be Eastern Bound
[04-24 00:27][Chat]Aim: and like 12 noon Indian :)
[04-24 00:27][Chat]Aim: India and China are on :30 minute time zones, meaning more people live on them than off.
[04-24 00:28][Chat]Zanatos: well sure Look at the Pop Size :P
[04-24 00:32][Chat]Aim: a big chunk of Australia too.
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07:27, Vaigday, Kepki 5, 168 AD.

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